National and International Events Sponsorship:

Beside above mentioned activities, OMID PHARMA has held national and international conferences by inviting Professors from Abroad and holds conferences:
In 2003, Kabul, 3 days, First international Conference on Infectious diseases, participants 300 Professors Doctors,
In 2006, Kabul, 3 days, 2nd International Conference on Infectious and Gastro intestinal diseases, participants more than 700 Professions…..
In April 2010, Dushanbe, Tajikistan 3nd International Tripartite Regional Seminar on Infectious diseases, participants 900 Health authorities, Professors, Doctors …..

National provincial Conferences:

OMID PHARMA has managed and held bellow conferences in province basis;
Kabul: Role of Quality Medicines in Successful Treatment
Balkh: Pyramids of Quality in field of medicines
Kandahar: Quality measures for evaluation of pharmaceutical companies
Khost: Role of Quality Medicines in Successful Treatment
Nangarhar: Quality measures of OMID PHARMA Products
Kondoz: Role of Quality Medicines in Successful Treatment
Baghlan: Antibiotic therapy and prophylaxis

National Events sponsorship:

Sponsor of first Afghan Orthopedist Doctors conference, which concluded to:
Establishment of Afghanistan Orthopedist Association.
Sponsor of establishment of Afghanistan Orthopedist Association
Sponsor of establishment of Afghanistan Gynecology Association
Sponsor of Afghanistan Doctors and Health workers Association
Sponsor of Afghanistan Nurses association in major provinces
Sponsor of Afghanistan medical Universities Alumni

Sponsor participation of doctors in international events:

Every year more than 200 doctors are sponsored attending international conferences in Iran. OMID PHARMA Has provided Fellowship and short term trainings for various specializations for Afghan doctors.

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