Our Milestones

• Prompt services; adequate to the customers’ needs.
• Maintaining complete basket of quality products.
• Delivering products and services regularly, even to the remote distances.
• Availability of products all time with affordable prices.
• Qualified management team.
• skilled sales and marketing team.
• Experienced and knowledgeable team consists of doctors, pharmacist…
• Standard medicine stocks and distribution chain.
• Satisfactory external relation with health sectors.
• Facilitates improvement of science and knowledge for health society.

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Omid Pharma Objectives


To actively participate and become a premier player in the rapidly growing market in the Region & in the segment where the company provides products and services to the local economies; thus, the Company is being successful in maintaining a stable and impressive position.

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Phone: +93 793 600 000
Address: H# 1154, 1st st, Shirpor,
Kabul, Afghanistan
E-mail: info@omidpharma.af